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Jun 18, 2022
Factor in criminal proceedings it reflects the ethical commitment b2c email list the company, promoting credibility with potential clients and investors, especially in the international arena. It improves the control administrators have over the organization of the company. It defines the individual responsibilities of those responsible, justifying their correct action in cases of possible imputation for crimes committed by an employee. It helps prevent crimes that employees may commit against the company. It allows to improve the position in b2c email list and private competitions and tenders. It facilitates access to financing in cases where it is required to have a ppd. Reduces the cost of insurance and policies for managers and entrepreneurs. It eliminates unfair competition by detecting and punishing those who benefit from non-compliance with the rules, thereby improving their position in the market. One aspect that should be studied in the subject of the criminal liability of b2c email list entities is the b2c email list contracts with suppliers . Circular 1/2016 of the state attorney general's office on the criminal liability of legal entities warns regarding the liability arising from acts of their employees, that it is not necessary that there be a formal relationship with the company through an employment contract. Or mercantile, but would also include the self-employed or subcontracted workers. This opens the possibility for companies to be criminally liable for b2c email list work they entrust to a third party, provided that the third party's work has been of benefit to the company, even if they did not participate in it. These third parties are the suppliers of the company and could be from commercial agents, distributors, consultants, b2c email list companies for their products, subcontracted personnel, partners of a joint venture, etc… in this situation, the first measure that the company must adopt is a risk assessment of the third parties with whom it contracts (tasks that entail risk for the company, if the work is an important process for a business unit, if the service is provided in a place with little supervision of the company, if that third party accesses the company's funds, etc...). Once the risks have been detected, a possible solution would be to require that supplier or that third party in all contracts b2c email list suppliers to have a criminal prevention model (ddp).
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